The StrategieDialog21 is the independent
Swiss discussion platform for business & technology,
Education & Culture and Society & individual.

Es braucht Menschen, die sich wieder einbringen und die Schweiz durch mutige Ideen und Initiativen mitgestalten. Menschen, die eine Meinung haben, Position beziehen und für individuelle sowie gesellschaftliche Freiheit einstehen. Der StrategieDialog21 bietet das Forum dazu.

Die Stiftung StrategieDialog21 wurde im Jahr 2013 initiiert und setzt sich parteiübergreifend für eine sachliche Auseinandersetzung mit der Zukunft der Schweiz ein. Die Diskussion-Plattform engagiert sich insbesondere für unternehmerische Freiheit, liberale Werte und eine offene Volkswirtschaft. 

Movers and shakers

  • "As an entrepreneur I commit myself to the StrategieDialog21 because innovative strength and entrepreneurship only work if also the politics actively and unbureaucratically support this. It needs an open and liberal Switzerland. StrategieDialog21 starts here and offers new forms of political participation. Always with the goal that everyone can and should be able to shape the future of our country."
    Jobst Wagner
    Founder StrategieDialog21 & VRP REHAU Gruppe
  • “It is important that society, economy and politics find a common language again. And that authentic personalities with rough edges participate in the political process with joy and courage. SD21 makes a contribution with its support for tomorrow’s innovations.”
    Nathaly Bachmann
    Founder & Managing Partner ESSENCE RELATIONS GmbH und Managing Director StrategieDialog21
  • "Tomorrow’s jobs are invented by the enterprising youth of today. An economy with a real future needs initiatives like the StrategieDialog21 which takes up the future’s concerns, discusses them and translates them between generations. It’s good that StrategieDialog21 pushes this exchange about tomorrow’s Switzerland with new media and new formats."
    Hannes Gassert
    Mitgründer &
  • "The economy needs to stronger participate in politics. StrategieDialog21 is an optimal bridge builder therefore. It ensures that our concerns consequently get followed up, are brought to the political decision-makers and get addressed and discussed by them. Thus we can contribute something and hopefully also help to move something."
    Carolina Müller-Möhl
    Carolina Müller-Möhl
  • Markus Spillmann
    Owner and Director of SPILLMANN Publizistik, Strategie, Management GmbH

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